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Imran Khan does not accept any position, he wants to be among the people: Asad UmarOUS News

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Tehreek-e-Insaf President Asad Umar has said that people will start arriving in Rawalpindi from different areas, the country has given a clear message that the country will not accept slavery in any way Asad Umar said that the Islamabad administration denied permission for the plane to land on the parade ground, people have started to come in more numbers than the set target, GHQ wrote. Management said they would not let the plane land. No reason is given because it cannot be. The Islamabad government has been trying to deliberately handle the threat to Imran Khan’s life. A tent will be set up for the participants of the trip. They want to be among the people, Imran Khan will announce his next program tomorrow. If anything happens to Imran Khan, the Deputy Commissioner will also be responsible. convoys instead of Sherkareli, PTI vehicles will leave Lahore at 9 am on November 26, members of the National and Regional Assembly. -Insaf Central Punjab, vehicles from southern Punjab and distant places will reach Rawalpindi in the evening of November 25. Tents will be set up.