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Humayun Saeed’s fight with Bharti Singh has sparked controversy on social mediaOUS News

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Web Stand: Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed’s celebrity jibe with Indian comedian Bharti Singh has created a storm on social media.

Photos and videos from the ‘Film Fair Middle East Achievers Night’ in Dubai continue to emerge and now an interesting video of Humayun Saeed and Indian comedian Bharti Singh is out. Bharti Singh asked Humayun Saeed that ‘Sir, I have read about you in detail, you have a film (London Nahi Jain Ga) So why won’t you go to London? Your visa is not approved or you are not with Rani? Humayun Saeed answered this question and said that one of my films is ‘Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi’.

Humayun Saeed could not finish all his words when Bharti Singh started to wonder why sir, I will take him to Punjab and go, and I thought that now I will not go to London, Bharti Singh said after the whole story. of Humayun Saeed, ‘Why?’

The comedian said ‘I also want to go to Pakistan, go there and eat, when my husband Harsh and I are not hungry, we sit down to watch the YouTube channel of Pakistani food, that is, I will not go to London’ On this of Humayun Saeed said ‘Absolutely I will come to India and you guys will also come to Pakistan’.