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Humayun Saeed responds to Firdous Jamal criticismOUS News

Lollywood star Humayun Saeed took off without taking Firdous Jamal’s critical statement personally. Although he responded softly to the harsh statement that Firdous Jamal once asked him that Marlon Brando’s acting in The Godfather didn’t measure up and if he wasn’t satisfied with Marlon Brando’s acting, how could Jamal praise his acting skills? acting.

Firdous Jamal left behind to receive the same level of respect that Nadeem and Javed Sheikh are receiving just because of their bitterness and harsh statements.

A few days ago, Senior Actor Firdous Jamal released a negative statement about Humayun Saeed, stating that “Humayun Saeed has no acting skills, voice, character, body language. There are still people who are being fooled by the idea that he is doing a good job.”

Television presenter Hassan Ahmed on his show “Haute Bites” cited his call with Humayun Saeed in which Humayun responded to Firdous Jamal’s critical statement about his acting skills by simply laughing as he ended the conversation by saying, “If Firdous Jamal could have become Amitabh Bachchan and if He was asked about Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan, he would have given the same answer to them as well as who they are. I am not offended at all and I wish him good luck. I totally forgive him.”