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The Winnipeg Humane Society is calling on Winnipeggers for help as it is currently at maximum capacity.

The organization says it has seen an increase in illness, injuries and stray animals in need of help, while its emergency list continues to grow.

“With over 91 dogs in care, we hope to receive many adoptions,” said Kristina Graham, director of adoptions at the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS).

In hopes of tricking people into adopting, WHS is cutting adoption fees for dogs until Sunday.

“Now is the time. If you could open your home to a dog, we would really appreciate the help, and they would love to get out of here.”

Graham also said they are looking for more people to care for the dogs until they find their forever homes.

“Anything that can get the animals out of the shelter.”

While Graham said the pandemic has affected the number of animals at the shelter, he also pointed to the cost of living as a factor, as well.

“Gas prices have gone up. Stores are higher than ever. I think everyone is really struggling to take care of themselves and their pets,” he said. “It means a swamp.”

If people are unable to adopt or foster, Graham said people can donate to their animal food bank, which can help keep animals in their homes with their owners.

Information about receiving, storing and donating can be found on the WHS website.


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