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Hey Duggee has a super catchy ‘welcome song’ for Ukrainian refugeesOUS News

Ah wow! Or should we say a-welcome! Daggi and Squirrels have taught the children of the country many valuable lessons over the years. But their latest episode, which airs on November 2, is arguably the most important.

In news that will delight kids all over the world (and parents who have watched all four seasons in a row, multiple times), the award-winning BBC series CBeebies has released a brand new episode welcoming new characters from Ukraine.

New faces join the Squirrels, as well as famous Ukrainian characters Mavka and Bolotny, whom Ukrainian children recognize from the Mavka cartoon. Forest song.

To greet their new friends, Betty, Norrie, Roly, Tag and Happy sing the incredibly catchy “Welcome Song” with translations of Ukrainian phrases and words.

And yes, you’ll be whistling this song for the rest of the day.

In the episode “Welcome”, Duggy and the Squirrels are waiting for the arrival of new friends. The show’s narrator Alexander Armstrong explains that they are from a country called Ukraine.

The new arrivals speak a different language than Dougie and his friends, so to help them settle in, Duggie, Squirrels, and Hummingbird burst into song.

The “Welcome Song” is supplemented with translations of Ukrainian phrases to help newcomers feel at home, as well as to give the children some phrases to use for a pleasant welcome.

There’s also a lot of waving, something that everyone understands. And, of course, Daggie’s tight old hug.

The show’s producers say the purpose of this episode is to enhance the real-life experience for Ukrainian children coming to the UK, in the hope that they will feel even more welcome.

He also teaches British children to learn their language and encourages them to be warm and kind.

Children from Great Britain, as well as those who have recently arrived from Ukraine, join the usual line-up and sing the words of the song in their native language.

All editions of Hey Duggee are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.