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HCA not involved in ticket sales: AzharuddinOUS News

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Cricket Association Chairman Mohd Azharuddin says they are not involved in ticket sales at all, despite being blamed by everyone for the third Indo disaster -Australian T20 which resulted in a stampede. at Gymkhana on Thursday and caused injury to a few fans.

Asked about the arrangements prepared for the next match, the former Indian cricketer said: “We have given the contract to a third party and they are handling it. What do you look like in the photo? Is there a possibility that we are connected to all of this? Yesterday’s events were tragic. But how do you attribute this to us? he said.

The HCA has been accused of mismanaging ticket sales and profiting from selling tickets in the dark. Azhar, however, claimed that was not possible. “How can you participate if, with the exception of a few tickets, all ticket sales are done online? The case will be handled by the police, who are present. We have no control over what a customer does with a ticket after purchasing it, whether in person or online. We don’t mind what they do with it. The police will take action if they sell it in black,” he said.

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Asked about HCA’s secrecy on the amount of seats accessible online and offline, he replied: “On September 15, 11,450 tickets were sold online, while 4,000 corporate box tickets were sold by the following. On Thursday, 2,100 tickets were sold online and around 3,000 tickets went on sale offline. The association’s internal partners and stakeholders would each receive around 6,000 tickets, he said.

Although the stadium can accommodate around 55,000 people, only around 39,000 tickets have been made available to the general public.

“Even though there are disagreements within the association, we have come together to ensure a smooth game,” said HCA secretary R Vijayanand, adding that the third party will take care of everything if the sale tickets are given to them.

“To ensure the success of the match, we are working with the government,” he said.

Asked about the police cases that had been filed against the HCA employees, he said Paytm was the authorized ticket sales partner and they were responsible for the incident.

Azhar further attributed Covid to the poor state of the ground. “You see, there have been no games for the last three years because of Covid-19, and the absence of IPL has cost us a lot of money. Pitch maintenance would have been paid for the use of those funds. But we kept the area clean and well maintained. We prepared it for the game and we will run the game smoothly,” he said.