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Hat day is about to come in Japan…or is it hat day?OUS News

Happy Hut Dew!

It’s August once again, and in Japan that means it’s time to dust off your hats and huts to celebrate 10 August which is known as Hut Day or Hut Day,

The short “a” and “u” sounds of English are virtually indistinguishable in Japanese, so the words “hat” and “hut” are both.move“(ハット) in Japanese. This confusion is the correct meaning of Hat Day as well as Hat Day, and is probably best understood after listening to The Hat Day Story, also known as The Hat Day Story. is understood in a way.

It all started in 2019, when automotive parts retail chain Yellow Hat approached pizza chain Pizza Hut to put together a promotional campaign called Hat Day. Yellow Hat expected to use the date August 10 because the numbers “8” and “10” could be read as “.move“Together in Japanese.

However, the deal went south after Yellow Hat realized that their potential partner was not named Pizza Hat.

Though, to be fair, their logo looks an awful lot like a hat

Nevertheless, Yellow Hat continued without the pizza giant, and on August 10, Yellow Hat Day was registered as a holiday by the Japan Anniversary Association.

Certificate accepting Yellow Hat Day as an actual holiday

And even though the Collaborative Hat Day plan kept the two companies in touch and the following year they also worked together on a special line of Yellow Pizza Hats that were reversible and could alternate between a pizza hat and a tire cap with a flick of the wrist. .

This relationship blossomed, and In 2021 Yellow Hat and Pizza Hut jointly conduct the “National Integrated Move Practice Test with only 1 question”That question was: Did you know that the “hatto” in Yellow Hatto and Pizza Hatto were different?

The results showed that an astonishing 86 percent of respondents in Japan were actually not aware that Pizza Hut is a hut and not a hat. It was a surprising breakthrough in brandwareness and proof that this automotive supply store and pizza delivery service can achieve great things together.

However, at this point, unaware of the Yellow Hat Pizza Hut already had secret talks with Ringer Hutt, a fast food chain specializing in champagne, a Nagasaki dish similar to ramen. With both series being proper “hut”, they conspired behind Yellow Hat’s back to create a hut day.

A series of stock-image tableaux depicting “The Great Deception” that spawned Hatto Day

When Yellow Hat found out they became furious and a huge rift formed between the Hats and the Hutts. Since this degree of hostility had the potential to upend the entire pizza-automotive-soup sector of Japan’s economy, the strings were pulled and Hatto summit meeting held at an undisclosed location,

We now bring you footage of this monumental meeting between Yellow Hat’s President Yasuo Hori, Pizza Hut’s Shoichi Nakamura and Ringer Hut’s Moronobu Sasano.

As can be seen in the video, after a tense standoff in which each president reveals that they are a hat or a hut, Hori again finds himself in the strange hat. However, the welcoming smile from the huts Nakamura and Sasano tell them that a hat is always welcome in a hut.

And so, Hutto Day was born, a day that included the simultaneous salute and greatness of the Hutts on 10 August. The meeting that led to this newly defined holiday has been immortalized in a T-shirt depicting the three presidents in almost supernaturally lifelike detail.

These T-shirts can be won by following either Pizza Hut, Ringer Hut, or Yellow Hat on Twitter and retweeting their contest tweets between August 4 and 17. Only one retweet will count for entry into the contest, but you can retweet tweets from all three companies to triple your chances. However, this is just the beginning of the Hut Day celebration, not to mention Hut Day.

Pizza Hut Day is offering 1,000-yen packs, which includes a medium-sized pizza and a choice of three side dishes. This offer is available from 8th to 10th of every month and the type of pizza changes every month.

August’s Pizza is Half and Half Tomato Garlic / Potato Mayo Corn

Meanwhile, Yellow Hat is holding a special Hat Day Sale from August 5 to 16 In which they will sell limited edition merchandise such as toilet paper covers and pails, all featuring the store’s mascot Hattonian, a cat-tire hybrid with a yellow hat.

This Hut Day is especially auspicious ringer hutSince it’s also the 60th anniversary of the series, in addition to the T-shirt Twitter campaign, they’re also Holding a separate Hut Day contest where retweets can win 10 lucky ones an official Ringer Hut TajinWhich is a special shaped cooking utensil used in North African cuisine.

Yes, it’s definitely a hat day to remember, and probably the biggest hut day ever, so mark it in your calendar with whatever hat you love and be sure to attend the festivities.

Source: PR Times via Netlab
Images: PR Times (Unless otherwise noted)
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