Happy Birthday Prem Chopra | Today is the 87th birthday of Prem Chopra, who is called the villain of Bollywood, he has also worked on the newspaper.OUS News


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Mumbai: Veteran Bollywood actor Prem Chopra was born on September 23, 1935 in Lahore, Punjab to a Ranbir Lal and Ruprani Chopra Punjabi Hindu family. The family moved to Shimla after the partition of India. The actor celebrates his 87th birthday today. Prem Chopra has also worked at ‘The Times of India’ newspaper during his Struggle days. He where he used to work in the circulation department. In which he used to supervise the circulation of the newspaper in Bengal, Odisha and Bihar. For which he had to stay on tour for 20 days. Due to which he did not have time to audition. Prem Chopra had also figured this out. Whenever he went out, he called the officers from the police station itself. In such a situation, he used to finish the 20-day tour in 12 days.

Prem Chopra began his film career by acting as a hero in Jagjit Sethi’s film ‘Chowdhary Karnail Singh’. So he got 2500 rupees as fee. However, the film turned out to be a success. Prem Chopra has played the part of him in 380 films in more than 60 years. He is best known for the villainous role of him in most of the movies. Although his father wanted him to become a doctor or an officer in the Indian Administrative Service, he moved to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of acting in Bollywood movies, despite strong opposition from his parents.

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