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Watan Aziz is suffering from the worst economic crisis in its history and we are tied to the yoke of the IMF that according to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif we have to draw lines from our nose. Instead of taking concrete steps in this matter, we look for better excuses to beg. When our Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif went to get help with a bag, the helpers compared themselves with him and many question marks were seen on their faces. It will not be wrong to say that our leaders are begging with gold bracelets. They had a solution to these problems in the general election, but the federal government refused to do so. However, despite the Supreme Court’s clear orders to hold elections in the two provinces, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor is doing it in a relaxed manner. The election plan has been announced in Punjab, but the way the caretaker government of Mohsin Naqvi welcomed it with violence at the PTI election rally in Lahore today reminds us of the violence of the Sharif brothers in the long journey of Shaheed Benazir. This also shows the intentions of the administrators in the coming days.

Regarding the actual state of the economy, we suffer from a lot of confusion that where do we stand? According to Defense Minister Khawaja Asif, we made a mistake when the Chief of Staff Hafiz Asim Munir said in a meeting with the country’s big businessmen in Karachi in the presence of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar that we have gone out of automatic mode. . It is a separate matter that the business community is not ready to believe because the facts on the ground are completely opposite to what is being said. While former President Asif Zardari did not consider the default and said that the United States and Japan have also failed. In other words, the government officials are still making the situation worse with their nonsense and the people have no idea about whom to believe. I don’t understand what is the purpose of the army chief’s meeting with the country’s businessmen and such artificial comfort when his defense minister has admitted a mistake. One thing that is clear in what the military said about the economy is that our businessmen, entrepreneurs and industrialists are not ready to trust the people, so they use clothes and sticks to convince them that good economy. While in fact the economic situation is so bad that such measures can improve it

Instead, the uncertainty worsened. Instead of concrete measures, who is fooled with such artificial measures and how long will we continue to give them? The fact is that foreign debt is increasing, LCs are not open, the dollar has crossed all limits and cannot stand, petrol and diesel are increasing, factories are closing and foreign exchange is falling. Reserves are depleting day by day, the value of the rupee is falling day by day, while inflation is going out of control. But instead of taking concrete action, we are busy listening to our own Nero’s trumpet. It should be remembered that the one-time DG ISPR also tweeted about the progress of the economy, the situation behind which is in front of everyone. I am of the opinion that people should do the right thing so that they don’t throw their sins in the air. If the economy is not even after the word of the Chief of War that God said, whose shoulder will you bear?

We have seen that whenever a country, company or individual suffers from financial problems, it reduces its essential expenses and eliminates unnecessary expenses altogether, but our government is limited to only demonstrative measures. It should have happened that due to the bad state of the economy, instead of cutting unnecessary expenses, we would have taken strong measures, but this did not happen. The number of ministers has reached 100 but has not been reduced. Regular reduction in their expenses will not improve the situation.

Our steel mills, railways and many major industries including PIA are only making losses, while the absence of their workers and non-productive expenses have not come down. Look at the palaces and facilities of our leaders, ministers, judges, military leaders and rulers, will anyone believe that the country has an economic crisis? Of course, we can’t compromise on the defense budget, but we can cut non-productive military spending. We bowed down in shame to see the construction, coverage and financing of large Governor Houses, GORs, Ministerial Enclaves and Presidential Council Houses, but instead of cutting them, we increased the budget.

Government buildings are shrinking around the world. In Britain you will find all officials and officials from 10 Downing Street (Prime Minister) to the Prime Minister and from the Deputy Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister living in two, three or three bedroom houses. Look at the White House in America, the most powerful government palace in the world is smaller than the Governor’s House of Punjab. In Japan, not from the Prime Minister’s House. This is the position of the leaders of the great cities. Civil servants, civil servants, high officials and civil servants, if you look all over Europe, you will see these people living like ordinary citizens in flats in ordinary residences. Their houses will have lawns, walkways and not long servants but here you can visit from one area to another and you will see local “servants” in all the big houses, in all the big big houses. God’s creation is dying, and their rulers and authorities are sitting in prisons growing on taxes. If we look at the behavior of leaders of countries that are more developed than Pakistan and compare ourselves to them, we should help them instead of begging them. But instead of solving it, we try new ways of begging. It should be that, even if it is only symbolic, large residential buildings and loss centers will have been auctioned to reduce the deficit to some extent with profits from them. But to reduce this deficit, we have increased taxes on the common man under the pressure of the IMF, destroyed companies and businesses, made electricity more expensive, increased the price of oil products, food and the price of things sharp. Heaven sent but so be it. -called Gbajumo in all five fingers in ghee.

The residence of the Sargodha Commissioner covers 104 kanals. It is the largest residence of a government official in Pakistan. It has dozens of workers to maintain, repair and protect it. Kothi of SSP Sahiwal is in second place with an area of ​​98 kanals. DCO Mianwali house size is 95 kanals and DCO Faisalabad residence is built on 92 kamals. There are 30 thousand direct and indirect workers to take care of these settlements which have 2 thousand 6 hundred 6 kanals. This is just a sight when the sacred cows of our country that cannot even be named are miles ahead of them. We can get rid of all debts the day our leaders, aristocracy, bureaucracy, judiciary, military, capitalists, industrialists and politicians make their decisions, otherwise we will continue to walk in poverty.

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