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Fundraising lunch draws celebrities to SouthamptonOUS News

A luncheon attracted famous names to Southampton to raise money for Ukrainian refugees.

Organized to support Ukrainian families who have settled in the city, the event attracted well-known names to Figurati, the seaside restaurant in Ocean Village.

Works donated by various artists are put up for auction and the proceeds will go to the Ukraine Refugee Fund.

Sherry Claridge organized the event on Thursday to support refugees fleeing Ukraine in hopes of raising £3,000.

Sherry said: “I try to give back and help especially the war-affected community and we have so many refugees locally, so I want to help families and people.

We want them to settle in the city, we can help them by providing shelter and giving children books, clothes and toys,” he said.

The event was hosted by Michael Kurn, 32, Southampton’s own sports presenter and broadcaster, and Hayley Palmer, 41, host of Friday Night with Hayley Palmer on Sky TV.

They spoke to the Daily Echo about the importance of coming together and supporting the cause.

Daily Echo: Michael Kurn, 32, Sports presenter and broadcaster
Michael Kurn, 32, Sports presenter and broadcaster Michael said: “It’s something that affects a lot of people and it’s in the media every day, we have businesses that support it, so it’s going to be a good day.

“It highlights the fact that external factors can have such an impact on your life and that these people have just lost their homes and there are people in the world ready to open their doors and welcome them.”

Daily Echo: Hayley Palmer, 41, host of Friday Night with Hayley PalmerHayley Palmer, 41, host of Friday Night with Hayley Palmer

Hayley said: “I’m originally from Fareham and started my career here and it’s great to be back from London to support an event like this.

“It’s great when people come together and unite for a cause that’s really important, especially after everyone’s been through.

“This is an issue that needs to be addressed further, so it’s important that Sherry does that.”

The event has been around for eight years for different reasons, with the Mayor of Southampton and the leader of Southampton City Council joining in 2021.

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