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For the UN, Malala works with an Afghan student to prepare her speechOUS News

Malala is pictured practicing her speech with Afghan engineer and student Somaya Faruqi before delivering a speech at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

The 25-year-old activist organization Malala Fund, which promotes education around the world, posted a photo of Malala and Somaya practicing their speeches on Instagram. The caption read: “The best training session ahead of today’s #UNGeneralAssembly.”

The rest of the post then introduced Somaya and said that along with Malala, Vanessa Nakate and Ukrainian student Yelizaveta Posivynch, she would appear before international leaders to “highlight the barriers that prevent girls from learning”.

The caption read: β€œFor Somaya, what is most crucial is that the influential people in the room do not turn Afghan girls into ‘victims of global politics’.

Malala will speak at the Transforming Education Summit Leaders Day at the UN session, where she and other education activists will raise important issues impacting children and students across the country. whole world.

According to the UN, there is a “global problem in education – a problem of equity and inclusion, quality and utility”, which is the reason for the meeting.