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Flood Victims and International Community ResponsibilitiesOUS News

US President Joe Biden said much of Pakistan is submerged in floodwaters, for which it needs help. Humans are paying the price for environmental change, for which all countries must take joint action, while United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in his speech that developed countries must step forward to help Pakistan. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reported on the flooding crisis in Pakistan at a meeting with world leaders on the occasion of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. France will host an international conference before the end of the year to bring together financial and development partners with the aim of rehabilitating Pakistan’s flood-affected areas. and contribute to and support and support sustainable reconstruction to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. warned that water-borne diseases and malnutrition could be more deadly On the occasion of visiting Pakistan’s flood-affected areas, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie said that The destruction that happened in Pakistan is for the world No idea. If help doesn’t arrive in the next few weeks, the survivors won’t survive. Angelina Jolie said countries least responsible for climate change are facing more destruction and deaths than others. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has done a good job of informing the international community about the flood situation in Pakistan. Leaders and world leaders have also given assurances of but the situation here is that the antidote must come from Iraq and die until help comes from the international community and the flood victims are fully transparent and honestly provided with help. The responsibility is not fulfilled until real help can be given to the victims who have been devastated and much of the country has been affected by the flooding of the population to agriculture and the economy. It seems that the worst human tragedies in the country’s history are coming due to the flood disasters and there is a possibility that more will come and their negative effects will remain in the future, which was clearly expressed by Hollywood and Dakar, according to one estimate. About three and a half million people were directly affected. The problems faced by the urban and rural population in the affected areas, especially basic needs and problems such as health, food and shelter, are not hidden. Unfortunately, instead of reducing them, the situation is getting out of hand. The problem is that the pace of implementation of the guarantees given by the international community has been slow. I am an example of salt. The involvement of other industrial and economic forces is far greater than Pakistan’s in climate change. In principle, the international community and especially developing countries must also take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. These countries in particular and the international community at large need to play their part in repairing the damage caused by environmental changes, which requires Pakistan to be fully supported and these countries to play a full role in repairing this damage. This must be done because of the tragedy Pakistan is facing. The reasons lie elsewhere. Pakistan, which is a country with 2.5% of the world’s population, has a negligible share of carbon emissions. Compared to that, just 100 companies in developed countries are responsible for 71% of global carbon emissions. The biggest problem is the long and patient problem of rehabilitating victims and recovering damage in other sectors, including agriculture and livestock, and getting those sectors back on their feet. It is hoped that the international community will accelerate the work of practical assistance and that measures to reduce victims’ problems will be accelerated. It is necessary that the country is submerged in floods and our rulers and politicians are engaged in the power struggle and, despite these conditions, they are not ready to adopt the path of moderation and find a solution to political and governmental issues. Hollywood actresses may be going to camps and showing solidarity with flood victims. They are also making an effective appeal to the international community, but their own countrymen and the government, including the political leadership, appear to be victims of indifference. Our community appeals and expectations seem to be going unfulfilled. After their efforts, help is to be expected from the international community and friendly countries.


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