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Exodus sparked by Russian military as air fares riseOUS News

TBILISI: After President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization, Russian men rushed to the borders on Thursday. As a result, air ticket prices from Moscow have skyrocketed, and traffic at border crossings with Finland and Georgia has increased.

Putin ordered Russia’s first deployment since World War II and backed a plan to seize large swaths of Ukraine, sending a strong message to the West that he was serious when he said that he would be ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia on Wednesday.

The majority of departures from Moscow were sold out for the coming days, with one-way tickets to the nearest foreign destinations costing more than $5,000. the groups also offered advice on where to go. Long queues existed at border crossings in Georgia.

Sergei, a Russian who did not want to reveal his last name, remarked on his arrival in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, “The war is terrible.” It’s okay to be terrified of death, war, and the like. who called himself Alex, claimed in Istanbul that the mobilization was partly responsible for his departure from Russia.

He explained that one of the reasons he was there was a partial mobilization. Vasily, another Russian, came to Istanbul with his wife, teenage daughter and six suitcases. He did not provide any additional information about himself.

“For lack of personnel resources, the mobilization could not be avoided. I’m not worried because my son is abroad and I’m already 59,” he remarked. Near the Kazakh town of Oral, a truck driver who crossed the Russian-Kazakh border on Thursday reported seeing abnormally heavy traffic on the Russian side of the border.