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Ex-MoD battery used to protect the coastline on the market for £2.6mOUS News

An OLD Ministry of Defense battery used to defend the British coast from invasions is up for sale for £2.6m.

Steyne Wood Battery at Bembridge, Isle of Wight was built between 1889 and 1894 to provide a defensive position on the eastern shoreline.

Its purpose was to protect the area by preventing ships from lying off Sandown and bombarding the Royal Navy Fleet in Portsmouth Harbour.

Steyne Wood Battery
The battery is on the market for 2.6 million pounds. Credit: Spence Willard

All bomb-proof bunkers, ammunition depots, gun emplacements and defensive structures remain intact in the 13,724 square meter area.

The six-bedroom main period house is located in the center of the estate next to a three-bedroom annex, just meters from the pool and tennis court.

A few more buildings are included in the sale, including the original Guard House, Forge, and a boat testing facility.

A separate two-bedroom building known as Shell Cottage was the original ammunition depot and is among the fascinating gun emplacements.

Aerial footage shows the full scale of the battery surrounded by woodland.

Realtor Spence Willard listed the property on the market yesterday at a guide price of £2.6m.

They said: “The battery was purchased from MOD by Sir John Thornycroft in 1909 and has remained in the same family for generations as a private residence providing a wonderful home for friends and as a venue for parties and weddings. Anyone with a close interest in British military or war history.

“A versatile arrangement centered around a stunning family house, three of the original buildings on the estate (The Guard House, Forge and Shell Cottage) provide single-family homes and can ideally be used as utility or vacation accommodation.

“The house itself benefits from an adjacent three-bedroom annex, a swimming pool, lawn tennis court, and some stunning woodland beyond the iconic earthwork embankment line around the house.

“Set at the western edge of the popular seaside village of Bembridge, this charming and diverse property is close to Bembridge airport and the beautiful beach at Whitecliff Bay, as well as close to Culver Down and an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty.

Bomb shelter on the grounds of the battery. Credit: Spence Willard

“The facility spans approximately 18 acres and is specifically the Listed (Class II) hull test facility built by Sir John Thornycroft, who founded the Thornycroft & Co shipbuilding company in Bembridge.”

The battery is classified as a planned monument placing government protection on the property.

It is one of many Palmerston Castles built on the island to protect the island in response to a perceived threat of French invasion.

Steyne Wood Battery had the shortest active service of any battery or fortification on the Isle of Wight and was armed only and was in service for two years from 1896-1898.

High-angle guns were placed inland to hide them from an enemy fleet that could not counterattack them.

It was built with three pistol groups, each consisting of two pistols.

Emphasized defensive rifle trenches where infantrymen could advance in front of guns to defend against enemy attack.

The defense was also supported by a steel fence at the front, while rifle trenches protected the rear of the battery.

The weapons of the battery were stored among the weapons in complex underground grenade-proof cartridge and bullet stores.

The battery also had a guard room, a cell, and a guard room that could be used as a prisoner’s room.

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