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Estonians buy electricity generators in fear of power outages – retailersOUS News

TALLINN (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – September 24, 2022) Estonian citizens began actively purchasing electricity generators after Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas warned of potential power outages, according to the country’s retailers.

On Thursday, Kallas urged Estonian citizens to prepare for potential power outages in the event that Russia disconnects Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from its electricity grid.

“Our prime minister is a big seller. We’ve sold more than 100 generators today. That’s more than in the last four months. It shows that people reacted extremely quickly to the information received from the prime minister,” said Sven Milli. , product manager at Estonian hardware store Bauhof, told national broadcaster ERR.

Milli added that only a few power generators were left on the store’s shelves on Friday.

Vaido Padumae, managing director of Estonia’s largest retailer Rimi Baltic Group, said Estonian residents have become more active in buying dry food, pet food, personal care products, flashlights and batteries.

“We are seeing an increase in sales of certain product groups today. Sales of dry food, animal feed, toilet paper and personal care products have increased by 10%,” Padumae told ERR.

The Estonian Rescue Council reminded citizens of the importance of crisis preparedness. The council recommended that citizens stock up on batteries, flashlights, external chargers, radio, dry provisions, medicine and three liters of clean water per family member per day. The council also urged citizens to be prepared for the wastewater disposal shutdown.