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Electric scooters are now eligible for approval in Saskatchewan municipalitiesOUS News

If you’re a fan of e-scooters, you’re now one step closer to legally riding them on the streets of Saskatchewan.

SGI has announced new regulations that give municipalities the ability to allow e-scooters to be used on public roads.

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“These regulations put a lot of emphasis on safety so that people can ride e-scooters while minimizing risk,” said Don Morgan, the minister in charge of SGI. “While municipalities have always had the option to allow the use of e-scooters on sidewalks and footpaths, these new rules meet public demand by providing municipal authorities with additional by-laws.”

The new rules will regulate the use of motorized vehicles that cannot travel faster than 32 kilometers per hour.

SGI said the rules only apply to e-scooters and other vehicles such as unicycles and hoverboards are currently not included. This could be addressed in the future, SGI said.

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Rules and regulations regarding electric bicycles and electric scooters

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The e-scooter concept was developed last fall after SGI consulted with municipalities, law enforcement and other stakeholders.

“We looked for feedback across various sectors and the feedback was generally in favor of allowing it to be used on public roads under certain safety circumstances,” said Tyler McMurchi, media relations manager at SGI.

Municipalities can pass by-laws to allow the use of e-scooters and allow where and when they can be used (public roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less, sidewalks, paths, etc.)

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Unless the municipality passes a by-law allowing their use, e-scooters will continue to be banned from public roads in that community.

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The provincial regulations for e-scooters provide:

  • Electric scooters are only allowed on roads with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour or less.
  • Electric scooters must not be driven at speeds over 24 km/h.
  • The minimum age of the operator is 16 years and older
  • Brief description of required safety standards and equipment. Riders must wear helmets; as well as
  • Municipalities, as well as provincial and national parks, have the right to issue by-laws regarding the use of e-scooters.

Regina Mayor Sandra Masters said last year that both Regina and Saskatoon are considering legalizing e-scooters.

In response to the SGI announcement, the City of Regina said it would review new e-scooter regulations and any relevant recommendations would be submitted to the City Council.

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