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Dibrugarh: Due to decades of neglect, the erosion of the Brahmaputra took a dire form, all the efforts of the government have flowed into the house.OUS News

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Between 2010 and 2015 alone, 880 villages were completely washed away by the river, while 67 were affected. The future of such villages has been estimated for a maximum of ten years. By the way, about 25 lakh residents of Assam live in such villages where the river comes close to their homes every year. Such areas are called ‘four’ here. There are also islands between many of these rivers. Throughout the crisis of the ‘four’, stopping land erosion, compensation, rehabilitation are also election issues. Since the danger lurks in a tourist destination like Dibrugarh, it is still discussed, but it is a permanent disease for the large population of the state.

Today there is a need to increase the depth in the rivers of Assam through transportation. Sand mining should be banned from its banks. Thick forests will also help in preventing erosion. The Mississippi River in America is also used to destroy land like this. There, in 1989, a warehouse was built in a different way and agricultural experiments were carried out with it. Today river erosion is completely controlled there.