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Uttar Pradesh student attacked with bat during cricket match

Nagpur, There was a dispute between two youths due to a love triangle in Pardi police station area. A young man’s brother had tried to reconcile with the two, but due to enmity, two young men, including a small child, attacked the driver. The wife and two children who went to the case were also badly beaten and injured by stabbing them.

Police have registered a case on the complaint of Jalil Baig Israel Baig (27), resident of Gauri Nagar, Kalamna. The treatment of the injured Jalil, his wife Shabana (35), sons Shahid (17) and Zishan (15) is continuing. Police arrested Mohammad Imran alias Sonu Sheikh (27) and Mohammad Ayaz Sheikh (28), residents of Gangabagh. Your little friend has been admitted to the youth home. According to the police, Jalil’s brother Mohammad Anwar (26) is in love with a girl.

Some time ago the girl fell in love with Anwar and she fell in love with Imran. Because of this, there was a dispute between Anwar and Imran. To resolve this dispute, Jalil invited Anwar and Imran to his house, but Jalil and Imran were in a dispute. This surprised Imran. Jalil was returning home after work from the hotel at 11.15 pm. Imran, Ayaz and the little boy stopped on their way near the Gangabagh stream and were teased.

Imran was seriously injured by stabbing him on the stomach, head and face. As soon as information about the dispute came, his wife Shabana and two children came to mediate. The person who was accused also scolded him. They also stabbed Shabana with a knife. Both of them beat the children with sticks and bats. The details of the incident were given to the police. All four were taken to Mayo Clinic for treatment. The police recorded Jalil’s statement and took the three accused into custody.