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Dandiya and Garba Night by Nrityangan Hobby Center on 24th Sep – Bihar Latest News | Bihar Current NewsOUS News

Dandiya and Garba night is being organized by Nrityangan Hobby Center on September 24 on the occasion of Navratri.
Ms. Mausam Sharma, director of the Nrityangan Hobby Center, said that on September 24 at 5 pm, Ruby Crystal Hall, Yo China, Monkey Garden, Patna.

Dandiya and Garba Night are being organized for which the entrance fee has been kept at just Rs.850. He said that we will bring lots of fun and festivities for all Nrityangan members as well as all Patnaites. In addition to the Nrityangan family, people from outside can also participate in this program and competitions.

The list of competitions includes Solo Dandiya, Couple Dandiya, Navdurga Act, Group Dance Performance, Floor Dandiya and Garba, Rap with Garba and Bhajan. Each program organized by our institute has a single objective, to promote the power of women.
respect, prestige and love
The empowerment of women is the base!

For reservations, contact 9304895882.