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Court of Accountability suspends Ishaq Dar’s permanent arrest warrant – Public NewsOUS News

Islamabad’s Court of Accountability suspended former finance minister Ishaq Dar’s permanent arrest warrant until 7 October.

According to details, the court of accountability on Friday prevented police from arresting League leader and former finance minister Ishaq Dar on his return home. The court suspended Ishaq Dar’s perpetual warrant until October 7.

The court suspended Ishaq Dar’s arrest warrant after 5 years and said he will not be arrested until the court arrives from the airport on his return home. In this regard, the court issued formal orders.

The court also noted that currently suspending Ishaq Dar’s warrant, Ishaq Dar’s return would cause the warrant to be completely cancelled.

Two days ago, Ishaq Dar filed a request against the arrest warrant. His request was filed in the court of Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Court of Accountability.

Ishaq Dar’s lawyer, Qazi Misbah, asked the court for the NAB to withdraw Ishaq Dar’s arrest warrant, Ishaq Dar is ready to surrender.

The lawyer also advocated that Ishaq Dar not be arrested on his return to Pakistan.

Ishaq Dar withdrew the request against the ad.

It should be noted that former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had withdrawn the petition filed in the Supreme Court against the announcement statement.

The case against former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s statement as an announcement was heard by a 2-member Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Ijazul Ahsan. Judge Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi was also part of the 2-member bench. The court issued notices to the parties to the case.

On behalf of Ishaq Dar, his attorney Salman Butt appeared in the Supreme Court, Salman Butt told the court he wanted to address the relevant forum regarding the decision to declare Ishaq Dar a fugitive and a fugitive.

The Supreme Court dismissed Ishaq Dar’s request on the grounds of withdrawal and the decision to declare Ishaq Dar a fugitive and fugitive was upheld.

Former Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced that he would return home in the last week of July.

However, legal advisers advised Ishaq Dar to extend his stay in London pending the decision of the High Court’s petition.

Earlier, Ishaq Dar had said that the one-way program to Pakistan has not been canceled and that the departure time for Pakistan is at the end of July.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif instructed government officials to avoid legal complications and make the situation favorable for Ishaq Dar.