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Gondia, The body of a 49-year-old man was found hanging from a rope in the tree at the agricultural premises of the Kochewahi-Banathar village of Tehsil. The name of the deceased has been described as Harsing Dhansing Jatpele (49) a resident of Kochewahi village. Ravanwadi police have registered one case of accidental death. The incident has created a stir among the Kochewahi villagers.

According to the information, the late Harsing Jatpele, a resident of the Kochewahi village of Tehsil, had been missing from the house since 2 pm on Thursday. It was said that on the morning of August 5, Harsing was not seen at the house as usual. The search was carried out by relatives. Neighbors, relatives and residents were questioned. After a long time, the family found out about the corpse hanging from a rope in a mango tree located on the farm property some distance from the town.

A crowd of villagers gathered at the spot. Information about the incident was handed over to the Ravanwadi police. The police arrived at the place and performed Panchnama. The body was sent to the KTS District General Hospital for autopsy. The cause of death has not been clarified. On the complaint, the police have registered a case of accidental death. The investigation is led by police hero Rakesh Bhure.

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