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speech, In the event of a loss due to a natural calamity, according to the criteria established seven years ago and with the same rate currently in force, compensation for loss is granted. For one thing, inflation is rising rapidly. On the other hand, compensation for losses due to natural calamities is given at the rate of seven years ago based on the rate of seven years ago. For this reason, the loss is thousand rupees and the compensation to the victims is thousands.

In case of damage due to natural calamities such as heavy rain, flooding in rivers and streams and lightning, etc., the government compensates for the losses to the victims. On the issue of providing compensation assistance, the criteria and rates of seven years ago have been established. According to the same criteria and rate, compensation for the loss is currently being given. But at present, inflation is rising rapidly, on the one hand, compensation for damage caused by natural calamities is being given at the rate of seven years. Due to this, there is a loss of thousands of rupees in the disaster. The same compensation is received only in thousands.

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Four lakhs: In case of death due to flood, stormy wind, excessive rain and lightning, the family of that person receives assistance of four lakhs rupees. Rs 30 thousand – Rs 30 thousand are given as compensation for loss of animal husbandry in case of death of cows or buffaloes due to natural calamities. 25 thousand: in case of death of cattle, bulls, horses, etc. due to natural calamity, Rs 25 lakhs are given to animal husbandry as compensation for loss.

Three Thousand: Compensation of three thousand rupees is given in case of death of a goat due to natural disaster. Rs 60 thousand – Rs 60 thousand are awarded in case of loss of the house due to rain and flood and Rs 6 thousand in case of partial loss. Rs 37,000,500: In case of loss of agricultural land due to excessive rains and floods, Rs 37,000 per hectare is given to farmers as compensation.

18 thousand – In case of loss of fruits due to rain and flood, an assistance of 18 thousand rupees per hectare is granted. Rs 13,500 per hectare is given in case of crop loss due to irrigation due to heavy rain and flooding. Rs 6,800 is given to farmers as compensation for the loss of Rs.

7 years ago the criteria are still applicable

In case of loss due to natural calamity, the loss aid is granted by the government according to the criteria established seven years ago. But inflation has greatly increased. According to the criteria and the rate set seven years ago, the aid for the repair of damages is much lower. Therefore, the question arises as to how the rules of seven years ago to give compensation for damages are currently being implemented.

Received compensation for the loss suffered in the previous year

Last year, due to heavy rain and flooding in the tehsil, there was a great loss of crops including houses and fields, the government received the compensation aid for this loss for the tehsil. This help is provided by the district administration to the person affected by the loss or to the farmers in the tehsil.