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Chicago women accused of beating off-duty cop, taking gunOUS News

Several women have reportedly faced charges after an off-duty officer was targeted in Chicago’s Boystown area on Friday.

According to a CWB Chicago article published Saturday, “officers said four women punched the 58-year-old man’s face and body in the 3700 block of North Broadway at around 2:50 p.m. The victim’s silver revolver fell to the ground.” , and according to one of the prosecutors, the women picked him up and fled.”

Shortly after the incident occurred, Chicago police arrested four suspects in the 900 block of West Waveland, and a spokesman for the department said the victim’s firearm was located under a car in the 800 block.

According to Chicago police, Sophia Ewing, 21, Briana Seidel, 30, Presa Fountain, 32, and Lvivian Harris, 30, have been charged with misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor battery. Harris is also accused of possessing a controlled substance,” the outlet said.

An image has shown A nearby nightclub, Charlie’s Chicago, where the off-duty officer was apparently targeted:

In July, a woman was shot at gunpoint in Chicago after a report later revealed to be an off-duty officer.

She had just parked her vehicle and was on her way out when the suspect came from behind in the 1500 block of South Wabash. The man waved the gun, then allegedly demanded to hand over the keys to him.

Once he complied, the suspect drove south in his car. The suspect was described as a black man, about five feet, four inches tall.

According to a recent CWB Chicago article, officials did not note which agency hired the off-duty officer, but did say that his lips were left swollen.

Meanwhile, at least 48 people were shot last weekend in the crime-ridden Chicago of Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), killing five.

“Breitbart News reported that 19 people were shot on Friday night alone, and two of the shooting victims succumbed to their injuries,” the outlet said on Monday.

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