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Chhavi Mittal hits out at trolls who criticize her for kissing her children: ‘The only thing I teach them…’OUS News

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Eat it fight against breast cancer or your daily health and fitness routine, Chhavi Mittal’s social media is a true eye in your life. As such, the actor-producer often shares interesting pictures and videos as well his children and husband. However, the same has raised eyebrows as Chhavi is often seen kissing her children – Arham and Areeza – in those pictures. Speaking of the same, he took to Instagram to share the kind of comments he received when he posted these pictures.

While one user wrote, “We shouldn’t kiss our kids like that. I would consider this as child abuse,” another added: “Bollywood will monkey with the west and justify everything.”

Slamming such comments, Chhavi wrote that it is unimaginable that some people can object to how a mother loves her children. “The comments in my support of this troll comment are not just in support of me, they are in support of people. Love. Unreasonable love,” he added.

Furthermore, he shared a few more pictures with his children, writing: “Sharing a few more pictures of me kissing. an infant on their lips, coz I don’t know how to set boundaries for my love for them. I always teach them to show love to them, and they always reciprocate.”

He continued by saying that one thing he teaches his children is to avoid hurting people. “Especially, those they love,” he wrote.

While many users came out in support of Chhavi, others expressed their concerns about sanitation and teach little ones about good and bad touch. In the following post, the 42-year-old shared his thoughts on these “well-meaning concerns”.

He said, “For me, love conquers everything. I will not kiss my babies because I feel it is not clean. By that logic, all kissing should be banned. Besides, as a parent, my biggest responsibility is to make my children feel safe and loved. I have seen many adults who are not safe around to spend that time with my children. Every trollingjudgment, fear, negative emotions, uncertainty, uncertainty, lack of self-control, and everything else comes from deep unhappiness.”

He continued to say that academic about good and bad hands should not start before the age of seven. “That would just confuse the little kids. As a parent, it is my responsibility to protect them and keep them safe at this age. I can’t expect them to protect themselves by ‘knowing’ good and bad touch.”

He continued, “All parents of teens/teens/post-teens will agree that kids learn a lot more outside than we can ever teach them. They will learn lying, being, being a detective, hating, being vindictive, being hostile, and more without our approval. Therefore, I do not want to teach them how to love without shame, how to be themselves, trust, and to respect others. All that comes with the science of security. “

Chhavi ends by saying that she will continue to love them in her own way. “In my love language, which is kissing, hugging, caressing, and dancing. And so it should! Thanks for sharing pictures of you kissing your kids. They are all beautiful,” she wrote.

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