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Cambridge pinebush bivalent vaccination clinic to close later this week due to low uptakeOUS News

The Cambridge Pinebush Vaccination Clinic will close its doors on Sunday due to low uptake of the bivalent vaccine.

This is the second time the region has set up a clinic at a Pinebush location. This time, it was temporarily to cope with the projected increase in demand for the new bivalent vaccine, but it did not.

“We didn’t get that high with the primary series and the other boosters we have,” said Jesse Johl, director of infectious diseases and COVID response.

“We had originally planned for about 800 to 1,000 doses a day and I think we got up to about 500 in this clinic and that fell over the last two weeks.”

She said the low uptake of the vaccine may be due to people’s time lag between vaccines and other clinics offering bivalent vaccines.

Public health said in a release that appointments and walk-ins could still be accommodated as of Sunday.

After Sunday, anyone eligible for the bivalent vaccine can still get it from participating pharmacies or doctors’ offices as well as other public health clinics, Johl said.

“There is a high level of respiratory viruses this fall and we encourage people to stay up to date with their COVID boosters,” she said.

“Booster supplements will provide additional protection against COVID-19 this fall and winter, when transmission of COVID-19 is expected to increase,” says Public Health.

Johl said people can also get their flu shot at public health clinics in the area, including the Pinebush location, ahead of its closure.

The regional COVID-19 care clinic, which is operated by three hospitals in the area and provides testing, evaluation and treatment, will continue to operate after the Pinebush Clinic closes.