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It is happening, what is ahead, will happen, what is written about destiny will come true, good, bad, good, everything that is hidden in the veil of the bridge to come.

It is happening, what is in front, will happen, what is written by destiny will come true, good, bad, good, everything that is hidden behind the cover of the next bridge, will come to the front as soon as the bridge. has passed What is hidden behind the next bridge, what is in front will be found. When there is something in the power of man, what is in the power of the Sultan, who is merciful and compassionate, who is also angry, but is it so? Is there no saddle, that can be put on the unbradled horse of time? There is no bridle that the horse will turn. Is there no whip that can make this horse go in the right direction? Is there no sound that can prevent the rider from falling down, standing on the rider’s back.
No, it is not like that, Lord Rahman let people’s understanding understand that what is happening, what is in front of you will happen, the one who has no destiny has written that it must be fulfilled, but what must happen must be. presented. What has the writer of fate written, except that “whatever you have done with your own hands.” He has shown the path of good and evil. He has explained to you that, “We have breathed into evil and good.” And he has reminded us repeatedly that, “Successful is the one who makes the holy spirit pure, and the one who makes it impure.” He has promised “Don’t waste a worker’s work” and He has said that all your work will be measured, good or bad, small or big, and a decision will be made about your peace or emptiness. warn people. And we have been told how to avoid this loss, not only do you create a horse with time and effort, you also give it a saddle and a harness. We have been given a whip, and we have been troubled: the saddle of faith, the bridle of righteousness. Who used these elements to control the unarmored horse of time, failed, who removed these elements and succeeded.
By separating the judiciary from the administration, Hazrat Umar established such a tradition that the independence of the court was maintained even in later periods and kings, governors and other leaders had to appear before the court as an ordinary citizen. In Kufa, when Islam started, the court was in session, and judge Sharik bin Abdullah was hearing the case, and an old woman came before the judge and told the voice that I have a palm garden near the court. The Euphrates River, which I have inherited. I built a wall to separate my share from my brothers’ farm, after a while, Governor Musa bought my brothers’ share farm, he saw my share as a rival, he asked me to sell Baagi Burmala, but I did not sell it, you did not, one day Governor Musa brought some youths with him, and ordered them to demolish the wall that I had built. The old lady said, “Judge, I am coming to you now to get my order, and I announced that I am standing in court that I will never sell my farm to Governor Musa.”
Qazi Sharik gathered together and went to the head of the court and asked the governor to bring Musa with him. a little woman. without considering my position. The judge put the governor’s guard in jail. When the governor saw it, he was angry, and sent his secretary to the judge to protest, and to release the head of the council, they said that the Qazi had insulted the Governor. The Qazi rejected the governor’s message and told the dignitaries that he came to tell me something that he had no right to do. Then he yelled at the officer and said, “Put these people in jail for obstructing justice.” He immediately went to the prison garden with his horsemen and released all the prisoners from the Darogha prison, the next morning, the Qazi sat in court, Darogha came to the prison and heard all the events of the previous day.
As soon as Qazi Sahib heard this, he stood up immediately and said the following words, “By Allah! We did not ask this position from Amirul Momineen, but he did it for himself under the condition that he or any official of the charity he did not interfere in the work of the court.” This intervention has taken place today, so I will come back and replace this position with Amirul Momineen. When our governor learned that the Qazi was returning to Baghdad to meet Amirul Momineen Mahdi, he stopped the Qazi on the way, and begged him to stay, and asked him to continue doing his duties as before. They sent me to prison. I will not return until you forcefully release them from prison last night.
Qazi ordered the governor to take the reins of the governor’s horse and bring him to my court. When the court returned, Qazi asked the governor what he said about the woman’s accusation. The governor replied, “Okay, the judge ordered that you build a new wall like the one that was torn down, so that you don’t disturb this woman in the future. After the elder heard this decision, he prayed to the judge again. In this episode of Islamic history, justice and judgment are all important things that no matter how high the situation is, there is a court for it, and the government has no right to intervene in the case. Also, the administration has no right to interfere in judicial matters, the great effect of separating the judiciary and the administration made by the second Caliph Hazrat Umar bin Khattab, in the golden letters in the books written on the subject the. human rights and the rule of law, and this great success has been achieved in the West.
(to be continued)


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