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BC killer drag drowned news to be releasedOUS News

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A report into a deadly boat that sank off the north coast of British Columbia will be released today.

Safety Commission Chair Kathy Fox and Clifford Harvey, director of marine investigations, will hold a press conference to present findings on the sinking of the tug Ingenika in February 2021.

A boat towing a boat and having a captain and two crew members on board when it took on water and capsized in Gardner Canal.

A search and rescue operation found one dead on the ground, while the bodies of 58-year-old captain Troy Pearson and 25-year-old crew member Charley Cragg were recovered.

The plane was not far from where it sank, although we have never found the plane that had 3,500 liters of diesel fuel in its tanks.

Charges under the Workers’ Compensation Act were filed last month against the tug company, Wainwright Marine Services, and one of its senior employees, alleging violations of occupational health and safety regulations.

This report by Canadian Magazine was first published on March 8, 2023.


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