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Bad link between electoral rigging, bad governance and povertyOUS News

Election rigging, insecurity, lack of employment opportunities for young people, poverty and lack of political awareness are critical issues that call into question the very existence of a constitutionally democratic country like Pakistan. Almost throughout the country’s history, electoral fraud has remained a major factor that has blocked the process of entrenching democratic values ​​in this country. Political elites, usually the hated candidates who cannot win on their own, are the main perpetrators of electoral fraud designed to impose themselves as representatives and leaders of people who did not vote for them.

The same class of self-imposed representatives inflicts punishments of poverty, insecurity, bad governance which result in posing serious threats to the peace, prosperity and progress of Pakistan. This class of politicians clearly lack any political ideology and are often seen trading fundamental moral, socio-economic and political values ​​to protect their personal gains.

Certainly, democracy is a wonderful concept that is anchored on certain values ​​that political parties present to the electorate. However, Pakistan is far from being a democratic nation as the democracy practiced here is all about winning elections by any means.

In countries like Pakistan, where voters are attracted by the names of politicians and political parties rather than political ideology, election rigging starts at the beginning of the process, i.e. the selection of party candidates. . Huge payouts are offered for party official contestants to get party tickets. Such a process usually schedules credible candidates who lack the financial resources to compete with their political opponents.

Political actors/candidates who are generally unpopular but financially strong also spend huge sums during the election campaign as they are desperate to win the election at all costs. It has also been alleged that such candidates associate with criminals, import arms and ammunition, train and equip young people to help them hone their selfish and self-centered political ambitions. This has led to a high level of insecurity and an increase in crime in our society today.

After winning the election, the only agenda of such type of politicians coming from the election rigging process remains to recover their investments with compound interest and save something for the next election. Expenses incurred during elections are usually recovered through commissions and bribes earmarked for constituency development projects. The phenomenon is best reflected in the book “So Much Aid, So Little Development: Stories from Pakistan” written by Samia Altaf.

The use of funds from development projects to finance elections (directly or indirectly) aggravates the suffering of people who continue to live in extreme poverty, hunger, illiteracy and lack of health care and other life essentials. It is estimated that almost half of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line.

Similarly, the state of insecurity cannot be effectively managed or curbed without involving young people in socio-economic and development issues. But election riggers are destroying the lives of the country’s most talented young people by engaging them in criminal activities to carry out their selfish, undemocratic intrigues and crimes.