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Are Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui heading towards separation? See cryptic postsOUS News

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Showbiz’s most beloved couple Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui seem to have parted ways as rumors about trouble in Zara and Asad’s married life are doing the rounds after Asad posted some cryptic posts.

Rumors of the couple’s divorce first spread when Asad Siddiqui shared some posts that referred to the loneliness and isolation of those who entered their lives and then rejected them.

In addition, the ‘Dilruba’ actor shared a speech that read, “Being alone with someone is better than being with someone who doesn’t appreciate who you really are.”

This led to fans speculating that Asad and Zara The marriage may be in trouble since Asad is a very doting husband and he always annoys Zara. He does not post such content on social media and avoids getting himself into unnecessary arguments. He shared such a quote if he had been there and had something fishy.

Check out Asad’s posts:

On the other hand, the speculations got stronger when Zara Noor Abbas celebrated her birthday on the set of the upcoming drama series and shared pictures on Instagram. Surprisingly, neither Asad was in those pictures nor was he tagged in that post.

Meanwhile, Asad wished Zara on her birthday and liked all her posts. This has left fans divided and confused.

They are of the view that something fishy is happening because Asad’s cryptic posts, headlines and stories have added fuel to the speculations.

However, the couple has not made any announcement in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui tied the knot in 2017. The couple also went through pregnancy in 2022.



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