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An 8.01 percent drop in the weekly inflation rateOUS News

Islamabad: According to the government, the inflation rate decreased by 8.01% weekly in the country, after which the overall inflation rate remained at 29.28%.

The Bureau of Statistics released the weekly inflation report, according to which prices for tomatoes, onions, lentils, ghee, garlic and other items have declined over the past week. For one week, the price of tomatoes dropped by 12 rupees per kilogram, while the price of onions dropped by 39 rupees per kilogram.

According to data from the Institute of Statistics, prices for flour, gram dal, potato, mung dal, eggs, sugar, live chicken and dal puree were recorded. According to the report, a 20 kg bag of flour was more than 297 rupees for a week. A 20 kg bag of flour rose from Rs 1,323 to Rs 1,621, while the price of pulses and chickpeas rose from Rs 6.37 per kg to Rs 257.50 per kg. The price of mung dal has risen to Rs 252 per kg from Rs 248.80. The price of sugar per kg rose by 71 countries to Rs 87.64. The price of eggs per dozen has increased by Rs 1.47 in the last week. Also recorded was an increase of 12.76 rupees in the price of live chicken per kilogram for one week.