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Amla Navami 2022 | By the blessings of Shri Narayan, do these steps on ‘Amla Navami’ day, you will be successful in life.OUS News

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-Seema Kumari

This year ‘Amla Navami’ will be celebrated on Wednesday 2nd November. According to astrology, in addition to worshiping the gooseberry tree on this day, some special measures can be taken.

By taking these steps, there will be happiness and peace in the house, and every stalled job will start running smoothly. Let us know what measures can be auspicious to do on the day of ‘Amla Navami’-

According to the scriptures, apart from cooking under the Amla tree, one should eat with the family. In this way, renewable fruits are obtained. It is believed that if the currant leaves fall into the food, blessings of Lord Vishnu are obtained.

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Charity is also very important on this day. On this day, donate grains, clothes, etc. to the needy or poor according to your reality. By doing this, one obtains the blessings of happiness and wealth.

It is said that on Akshaya Navami day, the Amla tree should be properly worshipped. Lord Vishnu is believed to reside in the Amla tree. Therefore, he mix some raw milk in water and offer it to the root.

It is considered very auspicious to consume Amla on the day of Amla Navami. Consuming Amla on this day brings happiness and prosperity.

On this day, apart from worshiping Lord Vishnu, offer him the Amla fruit. By doing this, one gets the blessings of Shri Hari Vishnu.