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Amazing effects of short days on human healthOUS News

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Website Stability: As the days get shorter, so does the risk of negative effects on people’s moods.

If you often feel sad, sad, or similar during the cold season, you are not alone. .

Research has shown that weather changes have a different effect on mood, according to the study, when the length of the day is short, people can be diagnosed with clinical depression, called SAD, but in some people , its severity is moderate. .

The researchers said that while excited, people may feel more hungry, while craving foods that can lead to weight gain.

It has a kind of pain that you usually experience because of the natural weather, it usually starts every year in autumn and winter that people recover in spring and summer, he said that sunlight is a body available, it also provides signals to the body clock by acting as a regulator for sleep It is also important to get a sleep schedule that also reduces the risk of depression, he suggests.



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