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A terrible punishment to a young student for not remembering Pahara, people’s hearts are brokenOUS News

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New Delhi: In India, people’s hearts were shocked by the cruel and terrifying punishment given to a young student because he did not remember Pahara.

Teacher tortures student in Madrasah: 4-year-old loses sight

According to the Khaleej Times and Indian broadcaster NDTV, a male teacher at a private school in the city of Kanpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh injured a young student by using a hand-held device. .

According to media reports, the teacher was supervising the work of the library when a 9-year-old student passed by and asked him to stop and read two verses.

When the student did not hear what they were calling Pahara, the teacher got so angry that he ran away from the machine that was used to beat the machine and hurt him.

The teacher removed the student’s headscarf, the mother’s decision to go to court

According to the news, after they saw the teacher working on the name plan in the hands of the student, immediately the students from the nearby class came there and removed the cover of the plan, because of this if the child is not taken from the worst people.

According to the media, the administrators of the private school saw the incident and provided medical aid to the injured student in the school themselves, but as soon as the parents of the child heard about this terrible incident, they protested. outside the school against the administrators. and teacher.

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According to reports, the local authorities, observing the incident, suspended the teacher in charge and ordered the highest officials of the education department to investigate the truth and report sent.


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