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A Kelowna piano teacher accused of sexually assaulting one of his teenage students has denied all charges against him in court.

Neil Nein-Nein Wong, 54, pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault and sexual harassment on Thursday, in the opening moments of what is expected to be a two-day trial.

The mother of the child he accused of sexually touching testified first Thursday, telling the court Wong taught the elementary school student piano once a week for an eight-month period beginning in 2021. His name , and the child’s name, is protected. under a published ban.

The lessons stopped in January 2022 when the child said they did not like how Wong touched them.

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The mother said she could see her son’s anxiety as the story unfolded and they stopped the lessons immediately, noting their next steps. She said they were reluctant to go to the police, citing concern that it would be the child’s case against Wong’s. When she saw her son struggling, she and her husband changed their story and brought the case to the police.

Testifying from the Kelowna Child Advocacy Centre, the child told the court that the stabbing first occurred when they were sitting next to Wong on the piano bench.

He puts his hands under the child’s shirt, pats them down, and “goes up” to their bare stomachs, and touches their chests.

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To make him stop, the child said that they asked Wong to get them some water and he obliged. After having a glass of water, the lesson will start again. The unwanted touching started again, as well.

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In another incident, the child said Wong hugged them in a way that made them uncomfortable.

“He will hug me and touch my mourning, and I don’t like it… He will pick me up and touch my sin in a way I don’t want,” said the child.

The child told the court that they tried to “get away.”

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They said: “I tried to change my body, but it did not let me get tired.

The court also watched a video of the first child talking to a police officer about what happened, which echoes what was said in court on Thursday.

Wong sat with his head through much of the process. He was joined by his family.

RCMP officers are concerned that there could be more victims due to his access and put out an appeal for people who may have been victims to come forward.

No new charges have appeared on the court list since then.

Wong was released from police custody on strict conditions not to have contact with anyone under the age of 16 for any reason, RCMP said.

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Wong was employed as a music teacher at Kelowna Secondary School until 2013.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, support is available:

  • Department of Justice Victim Services Directory including a list of support services in your area.
  • Children’s Helpline: 1-800-668-6868 (toll-free) Available 24/7 or Text SO 686868

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