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A girl reunited with her family more than nine years after being kidnapped; female domestic helper plays a key roleOUS News

“The (kidnapping) incident had happened in 2013 when she was walking to her public school. She was walking with her older brother, who was then studying in class 4. He was walking in front of her. But after a while , when he turned around, he didn’t find her,” the official said.

After attending his classes, he went to Pooja’s class, where his teacher told him she was absent. He went home and alerted his parents about her. They approached DN Nagar police station after which a missing person report was initially registered, he said.

City police had launched a search for Pooja, and posters bearing his photos in school uniform were also distributed around the neighborhood.

For Assistant Deputy Inspector Rajendra Bhosle (now retired), who was in charge of the Missing Persons Bureau at DN Nagar Police Station, it became a mission to find the girl. Bhosle, who is now 65, always carried the girl’s picture in his pocket but failed to find out where she was, police said.

Meanwhile, 35-year-old domestic helper Pramila Devendra, who worked in the suburb of Juhu, met Pooja, who had started working in the same neighborhood as her a few months ago.

“During their conversation, Pooja once told her that she was being harassed by her family members, who were not her original parents. She told him that she had been kidnapped. searched the internet if any report about her missing case had During the search she came across stories and articles about Pooja after which she informed DN Nagar Police Station about her case,” the official said. of the font.


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