14-year-old Carolina Cruz puts on socks very quickly. In fact, she holds the Guinness World Record.OUS News


She’ll blow your socks off by how quickly she puts on her socks.

Carolina Kruse, 14-year-old swimmer from Calgary, Guinness world record holder for most socks worn on one foot in 30 seconds in the category up to 16 years.

This is 22 socks compared to the previous record of 19 set by Aarif ibn Abdul Halim in India in May.

“Really, you just have to focus on just putting on your socks and just keep walking,” Cruise said in an interview with The New York Times. Calgary Eye Opener.

“You can start with one sock on your foot, and that’s nice.”

Kruse set the record on 27 August. She received her official certificate this week.

She says she loved reading Guinness World Records since childhood and thought it would be fun to try and beat one of them.

So, having completed the swimming competition in July, she set to work.

First problem? Finding the right socks. According to her, they should be above the ankle, not have holes and be bought in a store.

“Some of them aren’t tall enough to walk on because your foot gets really big,” she said. “It took me a couple tries.”

However, she set the previous record on her first attempt by sitting on the floor with a stack of socks in front of her. After a few days, she felt quite confident.

Carolina Kruse set the record on August 27 and received her official certificate this week. (Dominica Lirett/CBC)

Kruse’s mother, Martha, says her daughter only asked for help to make a video that she would eventually send to Guinness. This must be written in a special way so that the timer is clearly visible.

“Carolena is very goal-oriented… When she has something in mind, she does it,” she said.

“It was fun to see her because when you see your kids trying something new and not being afraid to do something… I think it’s a way to show that anyone, if they put in the effort, can achieve their goals. . “

A Guinness spokesperson says entries are free of charge, and once accepted, they send applicants a set of guidelines for their category and a list of the evidence they need to validate the record.

They receive thousands of applications every week, a fair amount coming from Albertans.

Recent records set by residents of this province include the longest hockey marathon (261 hours 15 seconds), the most rope jumps in one hour by one person (14,657) and the largest collection of interlocking Lego Star Wars plastic bricks (858).

We come face to face with a Calgary teenager who broke the Guinness World Record for children by wearing the most socks in 30 seconds.

For Cruz, her record doesn’t mean much.

She hasn’t told many friends about her accomplishments, but she hopes to do more in the future.

In her category, there is an adult record, which is 28 years old. Or she can test her swimming skills.

“It was a record just for me because I really didn’t want to prove it to anyone or anything,” she said.

“I thought it would just be nice to have something for myself… It was really fun.”


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